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Nadia E.

Closet Styling

I was really feeling like I didn’t have anything to wear and now I seriously feel like I DO have a whole new closet. Love it! And, Angie saved me so much money. I could have easily gone out and bought a bunch of pieces to fill the void that I thought I had, but instead going through this process with Angie was so much more satisfying and rewarding. I’ve been enjoying all of my “new” pieces!   

Cindy T.

Closet Styling

While talking with my friend, I couldn’t say enough good things about my experience with AHStyle.  Angie has such a great consultation style and not only provided me with cute outfit combinations, she also gave me a new understanding of proportion, waistlines, and hem lengths for my petite frame.  I really appreciated how she worked with my existing wardrobe, body type, and my own personal style and comfort level.  I’m truly grateful for all of the help Angie provided me!   

Denise L.

Closet Styling

As a person who has trouble seeing the way outfits can fit together, I am so relieved I now have Angie to sift through my closet to create a style for me at work.  As a busy professional who works in a conservative private school, I want to look polished and not frumpy.  Angie took the clothes in my closet and created a whole new wardrobe for me all for the price of less than one new suit!

Anna R.

Closet Styling

I hired Angie for Closet Styling, but the session turned out to be so much more than that. I came home from college and brought with me four years worth of “going out” clothes, “going to class” clothes, etc. I was transitioning into the next chapter of my life–entering the professional world of teaching. I knew the first step to this move was changing my wardrobe.  I had clothes in my closet that I had either a) never worn or b) owned and loved since middle school.

As soon as I told Angie that I was graduating college, moving home, and starting a job, she knew exactly what to do. She utilized many of my clothes into outfits I could wear in a professional setting. In the end, I did not spend a dime on new clothes, yet I had at least 20 new outfits put together by Angie. She photographed every single outfit and compiled them into a lookbook that I can flip through any time I’m lacking fashion inspiration. I felt like I had gone shopping–in my closet. I rediscovered clothes I had neglected. I saw certain clothes in a new light–all because of AHStyle. Angie has a vision for fashion unlike anyone I have ever met.  It is truly a divine experience that will undoubtedly make you a repeat customer.

Betsy P.

Special Event Styling

Angie helped me find the perfect dress for my son’s wedding. I was overwhelmed and unsure as to where to begin, but Angie put together a beautiful Look Book with options based on my tastes and her expertise and vision. I immediately felt relieved and confident that I would find The Perfect Dress. She convinced me to try a style I would never have considered but with which I am completely thrilled! I can’t wait to see her accessory recommendations!

Katie C.

Closet Styling

Wow! Who knew I had so many cute outfits! I had been wearing the same outfits to school over and over…until AHStyle came to my rescue. Angie came over and not only showed me new combinations but took pictures of it so I would remember all the fashionable combinations she made.  This was so helpful since I wear a uniform to school and need help with weekend outfits.  Thanks so much AHStyle!

Peggy S.

Closet Styling

I hired Angela for closet styling and could not have been more impressed with the entire experience. Angela came over to my house completely prepared for our meeting. Prior to our meeting, she spent time in various stores and online to find different types of clothing options for us to discuss.

Angela spent two hours going through my closet showing me how to mix and match what I already had in order to expand my current wardrobe options. She then took pictures of each outfit and created my own Lookbook.

My closet styling session was extremely informative, helpful, and fun. Angela has a true eye for fashion and is one of the most professional women I have met. I would highly recommend her services to any woman who needs a little fashion help or just wants to reinvigorate her closet!

Elizabeth F.

Outfit Building

I bought a silky maxi skirt at the beginning of the summer but never wore it; nothing I tried with it looked right. Hoping to be able to wear it to a fall cocktail party, I reached out to Angela Harrison Style. After a quick closet consult, Angie picked a cotton turtleneck, a wide belt, and two necklaces to create a look which garnered dozens of compliments at the party!  Angie has a gift for knowing what is most flattering for each client, and her keen sense of humor and insight are a joy.  The best part is being able to wear a fabulous outfit pulled together from my own closet!