Cheap Frills.

Every now and then, especially when the weather is uninspiring, I make it a point to give myself a gift.  These treasures are usually under $25 and come in the form of a beauty product.  If you’re feeling stuck in the staleness of this dragging winter, try picking up a little gift for yourself!  Here are few fave treats that I’ve recently gifted to myself and highly recommend; plus, they give you a chance to freshen up your wardrobe routine!

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Closet Styling.

I don’t care how stylish you are — we ALL have those back-of-the-closet clothes that never make it out into the light.  Whether it’s something you bought on an impulse or a top you’ve only worn with one specific outfit, it’s safe to say most of us (myself included) are guilty of casting aside perfectly good garments.  That’s where I come in and change everything you know about what’s really in your closet.

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If you’re part of the Instagram world, it’s almost certain every Monday you’ll see people posting photos of their manicures or fave nail polishes with the hashtag, #ManiMonday.  I partake in this weekly holiday as much as I can (a good manicure can go longer than a week, let’s be real) but most of all I love seeing what’s new in the nailcare industry.

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Dressing Up Detroit

For anyone who is from Detroit or just loves this grand historical city, SOLO Detroit is making it easy for you to show your pride and more fashionable side.

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