If you’re part of the Instagram world, it’s almost certain every Monday you’ll see people posting photos of their manicures or fave nail polishes with the hashtag, #ManiMonday.  I partake in this weekly holiday as much as I can (a good manicure can go longer than a week, let’s be real) but most of all I love seeing what’s new in the nailcare industry.

This Monday I did an interpretation of a manicure I saw posted a few months ago.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I love being up on my nail art trends, so I found something relatively easy and gave it a go!  The oxblood color I used is Venus Fly Trap by Flower Beauty, $4.98 (Drew Barrymore’s extremely affordable beauty line available at Wal-Mart) and Cina Gold Nail Striping Masking Tape, $4.69, from Sally Beauty Supply.

I started by applying the polish to my nails like any other manicure.  Allow the polish to dry completely to avoid smudges while applying the tape.

The striping tape comes on a very slim plastic wheel and can fit in an ordinary tape dispenser for easier use.  You’re going to want to use tweezers (for easy application and manipulation of the tape) and either small or fine tip scissors for an accurate cut.


Once you’ve got your tools set up, it’s just a matter of cutting the tape and creating the nails you want!  This tape is so easy to use and, with a dry nail, can be adjusted with no damage to your polish.  When you’ve created your desired looks, just seal the tape with any high gloss topcoat!  I do suggest a couple of coats to make your flawless mani last as long as it can.


There you have it!  A unique and luxe looking manicure for under $10!  Be sure to follow @_AHStyle on Instagram and post your #ManiMonday pictures!