Cosmetic Chaos.

Over the years I have accumulated quite a collection of beauty products. This collection lives on my bathroom counter in a gigantic red Estée Lauder cosmetic case. Lately, it’s been irritating to try and find lipsticks and small products in this cosmetic black hole. I’ve always loved the ICEbOX organizer, used by the Kardashian girls, but I’m not into spending over $400 for plastic. After a couple weeks of research, I found an affordable way to consolidate the cosmetic chaos.


When searching for retailers who carried acrylic organizers, the biggest problem I had was finding the right size unit for my products. Most of the organizers were too big or the drawers weren’t deep enough to stand lipsticks up and house other products.


I finally found European retailer, MUJI, and fell in love. MUJI has a vast offering of products for the home as well as apparel and accessories. Their online store has a whole section dedicated to acrylic organizers and the best part is you can build your own!! With drawers costing up to $26.00, I was blown away at the affordability of MUJI’s products and that you can choose what you need.


After watching YouTube makeup artists give their amazing reviews of MUJI’s products and shipping, I assessed my cosmetic collection. I ordered the units I thought would fit best for my counter and products. It only took 5 days for my four units to arrive in Michigan and I am so blown away by the quality of these products.



Yay! Packing Peanuts!


Bundled Up!


Three Drawer Unit











Small Single Drawers



Large Single Drawer









These drawers all stack one on top of the other and can easily be used separately. I broke my drawers down into lips (top), face & eyes (middle), and brushes & misc. (bottom). It’s only day one of my new system but I can already tell I’m going to save time when getting ready.

Screen shot 2014-04-23 at 3.20.24 PM

My Customized Unit


Easy To View and Spacious












The MUJI drawers are for whatever needs organizing in your life. They’d be perfect for nail polish, sunglasses, tea bags, bathroom products, jewelry, and so much more.