Closet Styling.

I don’t care how stylish you are — we ALL have those back-of-the-closet clothes that never make it out into the light.  Whether it’s something you bought on an impulse or a top you’ve only worn with one specific outfit, it’s safe to say most of us (myself included) are guilty of casting aside perfectly good garments.  That’s where I come in and change everything you know about what’s really in your closet.

This week I worked with one of my fave clients and did a full Closet Styling session to prep her for an up-coming weekend trip.  With a closet full of clothes, she felt she had nothing new and really wanted fresh outfits for the crowd she’d be vacationing with.  The best part about Closet Styling is you spend ZERO DOLLARS on clothing.  You shop in your own closet!

At one point during our styling sesh, my client looked over at her looks and said what we all do when shopping, “I love it, but I don’t need all of these.” Then the most glorious look flashed across her face when she realized –- she already OWNS these clothes, we’ve just created NEW outfits!!  That, to me, is a truly beautiful moment.  A complete style success.

These brutal winter months of the year can really slow down the glamour level in our looks.  Closet Styling is perfect for freshening up your wardrobe, without needing to spend money on new season clothes or another cardigan.  You have the tools to build an amazing wardrobe, so what’s there to lose??

Here’s a sneak peek at part of my client’s Closet Styling Lookbook.  She has her outfit ideas ready to reference at any time and can confidently pack for her trip knowing she’s going to look fab!