Cheap Frills.

Every now and then, especially when the weather is uninspiring, I make it a point to give myself a gift.  These treasures are usually under $25 and come in the form of a beauty product.  If you’re feeling stuck in the staleness of this dragging winter, try picking up a little gift for yourself!  Here are few fave treats that I’ve recently gifted to myself and highly recommend; plus, they give you a chance to freshen up your wardrobe routine!

'Miss or Madam' Sephora Lipstick

‘Miss or Madam’ Sephora Lipstick

If you’re a lipstick lover like myself, one shiny, plastic tube of velvety pigment can really turn a day around.  Sephora’s in-house line of lipstick is truly a great bang for your buck, $12.50, and offers 26 gorgeous shades (that’s just one of their three formulas!).  I love this gorgeous light pink shade, ‘Miss or Madam,’ from Sephora’s Rouge Cream line; it’s perfect for daytime wear.

‘Down-To-Earth’ Scarf, Forever 21Screen shot 2014-03-14 at 6.02.31 PM

 The best thing about scarves is they can be worn year-round (depending on your materials, of course) and are the perfect finishing touch to any simple outfit.  Forever 21 is always a staple when it comes to inexpensive, fun fashion finds.  With a massive selection of printed scarves, the biggest problem is deciding on which one makes you happiest!  I am a huge lover of enlarged, English-style florals and this ‘Down-To-Earth’ woven scarf for $8.80 is giving me complete English-garden realness.  The bright fuchsia and light pink roses pop next to the hints of teal and turquoise.  This color pallet is great for bringing your denim looks into spring or tucked under the lapel of your trench coat.



Snakeskin Shoulder Bag, H&Mhmprod2

 H&M is also another store on my list of staple gift locations.  They always have chic pieces that mix effortlessly into any wardrobe.  This black, snakeskin shoulder bag, $17.95 (for real), is the perfect size for daytrip outings or hands-free shopping.  Ditch the removable shoulder strap and you have an amazing clutch (that can hold more than just your I.D. and a tampon).  I’m obsessed with the exaggerated zipper pulls and the fact that there are gold feet on the bottom; this little bag can really do so much.


If you’ve been feeling blah or in a funk, try getting yourself a little something and see how fun it can be!  Then, whenever you use that lipstick, wear that scarf, or throw on your amazing shoulder bag, you’ll smile knowing it’s your secret pick-me-up!